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Posted 2019-01-17 16:16:23 from Twitter [source]

Ah yes, Fake Small Eggs With Tiny Figurines of Animals which are Known to be Dead Today, my favourite flavour of oatmeal.

Posted 2019-01-16 23:08:59 from Twitter [source]

@TD_Canada I didn't ask for 2-factor authentication. I don't even have a working cellphone right now. Please stop.

Posted 2018-10-22 14:34:31 from Twitter [source]

Whoa, neat!…

Posted 2018-10-10 15:56:13 from Twitter [source]

Wow that's a jammin tune. A company wouldn't do this in 2018 though, I reckon.…

Posted 2018-10-10 7:19:15 from Twitter [source]

There's a part of my brain that thinks it's a good idea to start building an operating system and a new kind of cod……

Posted 2018-10-10 3:19:48 from Twitter [source]

If people on Facebook can set their gender to "Literally a Hydra", I should be able to set my relationship status to "Single AF". #realtalk

Posted 2018-09-23 3:11:14 from Twitter [source]

Can we get a round of applause for @YouTube?…

Misc Tumblr

Happy “We Learned That Somebody’s Personality Can Change If They Survive a Metal Rod Going Through Their Head” day everyone!

Posted 2018-09-13 4:00:32 from Tumblr [source]

Posted 2018-09-06 19:23:19 from Twitter [source]

If the standard keyboard is designed for right-handed people, then why is the numpad placed where the mouse is supp……

Posted 2018-09-06 5:38:33 from Twitter [source]

@upndatom So I've been thinking about line land A line being could have complex inner-workings in the form of stor……

Posted 2018-09-05 3:15:44 from Twitter [source]

RT @neilcic: "Sometimes, you just gotta click this balloon to start the wizard" -- Bill Gates

Posted 2018-09-05 3:11:45 from Twitter [source]

@upndatom The robot in the machine learning video is Baymax-levels of adorable!

Posted 2018-09-03 18:12:13 from Twitter [source]

@RickandMorty "Dub dub nub nub" means "please help me sleep at night". If one of the writers asks me I can expla……

Posted 2018-08-25 23:08:31 from Twitter [source]

I eat potato chips with a fork #changemymind

Posted 2018-08-18 21:19:26 from Twitter [source]

An interesting way to observe how people understand the world is to listen to what they say to their children.

Posted 2018-08-17 16:48:18 from Twitter [source]

RT @valerievaldes: I used to worry because I couldn't tell whether I was tired or being lazy, but I realized the secret: I'm always tired.…

Posted 2018-08-17 16:47:22 from Twitter [source]

#jamesveitchfornextdoctor ... seriously though

Misc Tumblr

Frustrations with BitBucket

Posted 2016-10-27 1:38:11 from Tumblr [source]

Today I encountered an issue when trying to invite a classmate to my BitBucket repository for our final project in one of our courses.

BitBucket did not inform me of any error, though when my classmate tried to accept my invitation, they received an error saying I reached my invite limit.

I have 3 people as collaborators in total across all my repositories currently.

I found an alternative called GitLab (, which claims to be more free and also allowed easy importing of BitBucket repositories. I will later report on my experience with GitLab.

TL;DR: USER BEWARE - BitBucket will randomly stop being free when you need it. GitLab might be better.

Misc Tumblr

First Update of Many

Posted 2016-08-24 22:35:59 from Tumblr [source]

I’m going to start using this blog for shorter updates on what I’m doing. Such updates will be under the #update tag. When I make a longer post it will go under the tag #blog or #article.

Aura for PHP

Currently I’m looking into Aura for PHP. I’ve started to work the Aura.Router component into my old framework, and it’s currently available on the KernelDeimos GitHub page. []

It’s nothing special right now - my framework never was - but this is the first step towards a potentially interesting outcome. I’ve begun to look up some important concepts (like dependency injection) so I can understand existing frameworks and work with their components better.

My ambitious end goal is to produce a framework that can be used to create web projects quickly without much knowledge of the framework itself.

Other Projects

I’ve been stuck in the world of PHP for far too long now. I want to develop a multiplayer HTML5 game using one of the existing server-side JavaScript implementations. If it’s a success, I’ll have to get a .io domain for it. :P


Misc Tumblr

One thing that’s a bit unfortunate about programming as a hobby is the gender diversity problem....

Posted 2016-03-14 8:06:49 from Tumblr [source]

One thing that’s a bit unfortunate about programming as a hobby is the gender diversity problem. Like, it’s statistically highly improbably that my future wife will be interested in what I’m interested in.

Misc Tumblr

joemoc: tongueturner: (via Saturday Morning Cartoons: Baopu...

Posted 2016-02-29 1:01:07 from Tumblr [source]



(via Saturday Morning Cartoons: Baopu #15) by Yao Xiao

words to remember

This is so good. I try to be mindful of things like this but it can be hard if you feel self-conscious about your feelings in the first place!

Misc Tumblr

With Tumblr’s complete set of keyboard shortcuts for most functions on their site, you’d think...

Posted 2016-02-17 16:04:38 from Tumblr [source]

With Tumblr’s complete set of keyboard shortcuts for most functions on their site, you’d think they’d have a Konami Code easter egg.

Misc Tumblr

emmyc: joegran: Here’s my dog video, a la carte ha ba...

Posted 2016-02-17 0:17:13 from Tumblr [source]



Here’s my dog video, a la carte

ha ba d’ga

I’m reblogging this because it’s Emmy Cecierega reblogging Dog of Wisdom

Misc Tumblr

cstcrpt: let it out………

Posted 2016-01-20 6:24:17 from Tumblr [source]


let it out………

Misc Tumblr

Starting a New Project

Posted 2015-12-18 6:36:48 from Tumblr [source]

Starting a new project is like walking through a large thick field of poison ivy and roses to get to an ice-cream store. You want to get to the point where the project starts being fun, and things really start happening, but you have to get through everything that’s in the way first. Sometimes, you don’t even reach that point, and you give up, knowing that the closer you got the more painful giving up will be.

Misc Tumblr

Introducing: Reply Icons

Posted 2015-11-22 21:44:13 from Tumblr [source]


Reply Icons

By: Alexandra Rugh, Product Marketing Associate

How many conversations do you have on a daily basis? 25? 50? 100? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but all these conversations play a crucial part in our daily lives. Try to go one day without talking to another person, and you’re likely to start talking nonsense to a volleyball (Cast Away, anyone?).

Keep reading

What happens when a YikYak thread runs out of possible combinations for reply icons? I’ve always wanted to know.

Misc Tumblr

sucymemebabaran: averyterrible: fleur-de-maladie: cannibalvulv...

Posted 2015-11-02 0:21:32 from Tumblr [source]






Pumpktris: A Fully Playable Version of Tetris Inside a Carved Pumpkin


Need more gourd games

ps gourd has one game

tetris runs better on the ps gourd than it does on the ps four

This is absolutely brilliant. I like how they went the extra mile to cut little square shapes over all those holes to make it more like Tetris :D

It’s tempting to make an Arduino or Raspberry Pi pumpkin like this…

Misc Tumblr

SI Units vs IEC (for digital storage)

Posted 2015-10-22 21:09:05 from Tumblr [source]

SI units do not belong on harddrives, IMO, but it is clever for manufacturers.

An SI gigabyte is technically 1000^3 bytes, but a traditional gigabyte is larger; 1024^3 bytes. That’s why you would see “2.7TB” on your computer instead of “3TB”

People used to always use “GB” to refer to what is now actually known as “GiB”, which means manufacturers can make sizes smaller while still technically advertising an accurate number.

To get the size in the traditional units we’re familiar with:
Multiply the advertised size (in GB) by 1000^3
Divide that new number by 1024^3

(change the exponent to 4 if it’s in Terabytes)

Note that the unit for this number (the one you calculated) is now GiB (Gibibyte), not GB. (TiB if you used Terabytes)

Code Tumblr


Posted 2015-07-20 6:10:10 from Tumblr [source]

Right now I’m doing some development on my Windows computer and needed to find a LESS compiler. I tried SimpLESS, and it’s perfect for the job; it runs in the background and compiles the LESS files on save, so you can use whichever editor you want. The only drawback is that you need to be sure it’s running when you save your LESS files, otherwise you may end up very confused when changes don’t show up on your page.

Code Tumblr

JavaScript Animation Fun

Posted 2014-12-30 16:51:00 from Tumblr [source]

Hello; Eric here!,

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately working on animations using JS and jQuery. Here I’m going to share a quick technique that has helped me create really cool animations!

The setTimeout method is useful for running a JavaScript function after a specified delay. This is essential in creating complicated animations. However, after a while, a long animation using nested setTimtout()s will get pretty messy.

Suppose instead we create our own runSequence() function, which can take a list of functions and times. This will be our structure:

sequence item: [function(), INT delay]
funcList: [sequence item, sequence item, …]

Our runSequence function can then look like this:

function runSequence(funcList) {
	funcData = funcList.shift();
	func = funcData[0]
	time = funcData[1]
	if (funcList.length > 0) {
		setTimeout(function () {
		}, time);

In order to use this, all you need to do is create an empty array, and push each part of your animation onto it:

seq = [];

seq.push([function () {
    // Part one of animation
seq.push([function () {
    // Part two of animation

That’s all for now!

Code Tumblr


Posted 2014-12-20 21:00:22 from Tumblr [source]

Thanks to free time during the holiday break, blog entries posted to my Tumblr account will soon post to the DubéDev website as well!

Code Tumblr


Posted 2014-12-07 17:53:37 from Tumblr [source]

I’ve decided that I’m going to start maintaining a Tumblr blog. Time will tell whether this actually happens.

Public Projects


Donations currently closed due to lack of interest

This does not mean I won't work on public projects, but I'm going to change my approach and build prototype first, then ask for funding on crowdfunding websites like KickStarter. More info to come.